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Episode 20 - The Simple Path.....
February 19, 2017 12:04 PM PST
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In this episode we consider the meaning of living a simple life whilst deepening our consciousness. We also share some tools and techniques that can be used to help to make this concept a reality in our lives.

Topics under discussion include: Authenticity, creativity, sovereignty, gratitude, connecting with nature, healing modalities, knowledge and wisdom.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker and the Long and Winding Road by the Beatles.

Episode 19 - Trump Special
January 29, 2017 10:19 AM PST
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In this episode we discuss the deeper meaning of Trump's victory in the US Presidential election.

We consider the declining power and influence of the mainstream media, collapsing ideological belief systems, Trump the 'Avatar' and the ongoing disintegration of the 'Control System'.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker and Fortunate Son by Creedance Clearwater revival.

Episode 18 - Political Correctness 'Uncovered'
December 16, 2016 12:51 PM PST
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In this episode we reveal the hidden agenda behind political correctness and the impact it is having on society.

Part 1: Definition, the origins and main objectives of the Frankfurt School.

Part 2: Public outcry (Brexit & election of Trump), the real meaning of discrimination, minority rights, national differences, Post-Modernism, LBGT, Health & Safety and amusing PC anecdotes.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker, Steve Hughes 'Live at the Apollo' and The Trees by Rush.

Episode 17 - Neo-Politics
November 23, 2016 12:52 PM PST
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In this episode we discuss the possibility of a new more conscious type of politics and how that might emerge in the coming years.

Part 1: Neo-Liberalism, Corporatocracy, the left/right political paradigm and the limitations of political debate.

Part 2: Personal sovereignty, self-governance, collapse of the current political system, the awakening process and the role played by the younger generations in shaping a new political system.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker, JFK and Defector by Muse and Wake Up! by Rage Against the Machine.

Episode 16 - The World of Computer Hacking
October 31, 2016 02:31 PM PDT
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In this episode we discuss the development of computer hacking from the breaking of the Enigma Code to the emergence of the Anonymous movement.

The following topics are covered: What is hacking?, the history of the people involved, the move to the web, denial of service, black hats vs white hats, smart phones, Anonymous, Church of Scientology and the Playstation Hack.


The Journey by Graham Walker & Computer Love by Kraftwerk.

Episode 15 - Cashless Society
September 05, 2016 02:44 PM PDT
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In this episode we discuss the current steps being taken toward the introduction of a global cashless society.

Topics under discussion include: Bitcoin-smartphone payment apps-payment cards-social media-technology failures-Scandinavia case study-The next steps.

Music by Graham Walker and Pink Floyd.


Today I am sharing it with you because both he and his new co-host Steve cover this subject quite comprehensively and offer up some insight into 'what is already' and may well soon come into the frame around how money will and is already taking shape in our lives.

Well worth a listen!

Susanne Austin UK

Episode 14 - A State of Fear
August 07, 2016 04:49 PM PDT
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In this episode we reveal the truth behind state sponsored terrorism and the climate of fear that it creates. We discuss the fake 'war on terror' and how the message is disseminated in the media. Instances of terrorism are considered in terms of 'false flag' attacks and the common features of such events. We conclude with a discussion of how terrorism might change in the future

Episode 13 - Death and Beyond?
July 24, 2016 12:33 PM PDT
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In this episode we are joined by our resident Shaman Heather Heaton for a lively discussion on the subject of death and what lies beyond the veil. We consider modern cultural attitude towards death and the burial process. The concept of the 'after life' is considered in terms of religious doctrine and the scientific view of consciousness. We also discuss the shamanistic view of death.

Episode 12 - The Good, The Bad and the Brexit
July 01, 2016 08:24 AM PDT
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In this episode we discuss the implications of the recent EU referendum and the historic victory for Brexit. We reflect upon the campaign from both sides and what it meant for the result. The current political fall-out is also covered in terms of events here in Britain and the EU. Finally we give our opinion on what the future holds for Britain outside of the EU.

Episode 11 - The Journey
May 11, 2016 02:56 PM PDT
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In this episode we discuss the path of spiritual awakening.

We consider the key stages of the awakening process and some of the pitfalls and common misunderstandings. These include healing emotional and psychological baggage and working on the ego. The deeper aspect of the awakening process is discussed in terms of discovering your soul purpose and understanding the role of evil in the world. We end on a lighter note with an appreciation for the absurdity of life.

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