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Episode 27 - The Celestine Prophecy Revisited - Part 1 - First & Second Insights
September 19, 2017 12:40 PM PDT
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Q; What is the Celestine Prophecy?

A; A step by step guide of how to raise your vibration, find balance and harmony and achieve enlightenment.

In this five part series, Antman and Heather discuss the teachings as written in James Redfield’s books, The Celestine Prophecy, An Adventure, The Tenth Insight and The Celestine Prophecy – An Experiential Guide, which were first published in the 1990’s.

This First part highlights the First and Second Insights, but additionally Antman and Heather discuss an overview of the meanings of the teachings together with the purpose of the teachings and the dramatic adventure story which intriguingly wraps itself around the teachings.

The First Insight; A Critical Mass- Which is to recognise that the Universe mysteriously presents the coincidental opportunities to move us toward our destiny.

The Second Insight; The Longer Now- Allows us to see the past and recognise collectively that we are becoming aware of our ‘essentially’ spiritual type nature.

Episode 26 - Interview with Shirley Battie
July 10, 2017 12:01 PM PDT
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If you could reach out and communicate with extra terrestrials in order to understand more about the past, present and future, wouldn't you give it a try? Well in that case Shirley Battie is the person for you to listen to.

Shirley has been communicating with advanced beings, from beyond known dimensions, for many years. She channels these advanced beings and by doing so receives and shares the most remarkable knowledge. This is a must listen!

Website: www.little-owl.org
E-mail: shirleymbattie@gmail.com
You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/littleowl/videos
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shirley.battie

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker

Episode 25 - Interview with Peter Knight
July 07, 2017 10:37 AM PDT
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Sacred sites....stone circles....ley lines....Peter Knight who is a leading authority of these fascinating subjects and a renowned author, geomancer and shamanic practitioner. In this interview Peter shares his curious experiences over many years exploring the landscape of the UK and beyond.

At the end of one of Peter's lectures a member of the audience asked "from all of the sacred sites you have visited, which one would you say is the most sacred?" After a moment of thought Peter answered "Mother Earth".

Website: www.stoneseeker.net
E-mail: stoneseeker@waitrose.com

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker.

Episode 24 - Psychic Skill
June 01, 2017 12:48 PM PDT
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Is it real? What do you know about this ability called psychic? Do you believe you have this skill? Join your host Antman and his guest Heather Heaton as we attempt an explanation of what it is, and what you can expect from its use.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker and You are the Universe by The Brand New Heavies.

Episode 23 - The Paranormal
May 02, 2017 03:14 PM PDT
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In this episode we're joined by our resident shaman Heather Heaton for a discussion on the paranormal.

There are people who through choice and lack of experience are ‘non-believers’ of the paranormal.

There are others who like myself, owing to have had an other-worldly (other dimensional) experience happen to them (backed up by confirmation), have little choice in believing.

We all begin with a healthy fear of hauntings and strange activities, but the more you learn from responsible people with experience and knowledge, the more interesting it is.

Contact Heather at:

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker and Rapture by Blondie.

Episode 22 - The Mystery of Life
March 21, 2017 11:56 AM PDT
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In this episode we discuss some of the challenges facing the spiritual seeker on the path of self-discovery, knowledge and wisdom.

Topics under discussion include: The spiritual "it" Factor, permission slips (Bashar), "The Secret", the manifestation process, the ego and the true self, self-mastery and integration, maintaining balance and the chaos of growth.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham walker and Secret Journey by The Police.

Episode 21 - The Shamanic Medicine Wheel
March 04, 2017 12:52 PM PST
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In this episode we're joined by our resident shaman Heather Heaton for a fascinating exploration of the shamanic medicine wheel.

The shamanic medicine wheel can be described as a Map. It gives a mental or visual image of how to explore the ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’ dimensions of existence – that is, of life, of self and beyond.

Exploring the shamanic medicine wheel offers an opportunity to understand one’s own emotions and nature on many levels. Revelations and realisations of truth, love, life and of the mysteries of death are common experiences for those who ‘walk’ the medicine wheel.

Contact Heather at:

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker and Natural Science by Rush.

Episode 20 - The Simple Path.....
February 19, 2017 12:04 PM PST
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In this episode we consider the meaning of living a simple life whilst deepening our consciousness. We also share some tools and techniques that can be used to help to make this concept a reality in our lives.

Topics under discussion include: Authenticity, creativity, sovereignty, gratitude, connecting with nature, healing modalities, knowledge and wisdom.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker and the Long and Winding Road by the Beatles.

Episode 19 - Trump Special
January 29, 2017 10:19 AM PST
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In this episode we discuss the deeper meaning of Trump's victory in the US Presidential election.

We consider the declining power and influence of the mainstream media, collapsing ideological belief systems, Trump the 'Avatar' and the ongoing disintegration of the 'Control System'.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker and Fortunate Son by Creedance Clearwater revival.

Episode 18 - Political Correctness 'Uncovered'
December 16, 2016 12:51 PM PST
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In this episode we reveal the hidden agenda behind political correctness and the impact it is having on society.

Part 1: Definition, the origins and main objectives of the Frankfurt School.

Part 2: Public outcry (Brexit & election of Trump), the real meaning of discrimination, minority rights, national differences, Post-Modernism, LBGT, Health & Safety and amusing PC anecdotes.

Music: Morning Sun by Graham Walker, Steve Hughes 'Live at the Apollo' and The Trees by Rush.

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